About Us

SafePro Auto Glass is an insurance approved and tremendously respected auto glass company in Arizona. We are known especially for our outstanding service, unbeatable quality and for our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. There is a difference between auto glass companies. We only hire installers with over 3 years of experience and are completely dedicated to a safe install. Your vehicles windshield is considered a safety feature of the vehicle. A properly installed windshield not only protects you from flying objects while driving, but also helps keep the roof from collapsing during a roll over accident. Not only do you get our top notch service and glass, but we also come to you at work or at home. We service the Greater Phoenix Area including locations within 100 miles of Phoenix.

SafePro Auto Glass puts the safety of our customers first. We use only OEM glass, high quality urethane and provide the customer with a safe drive time after the job is done, to make sure the urethane has dried sufficiently. Our drive times waits are less than most companies because we pay extra for premium urethane.

SafePro Auto glass also takes pride in generating our business through word of mouth referrals. SafepPro Auto Glass has grown to be one of the top auto glass companies in the state without doing any TV advertising, radio advertising or professional sports team sponsorships. SafePro Auto Glass is locally owned and operated in Arizona and is not an out of state corporation. We employ locally and keep dollars in the State of Arizona. We understand how important a local company reputation can be and ensure the job gets done correctly so we can service our customers for years to come.

We know we do a great job and we know our customers love to use us again and again and refer others to us.