Ahwatukee Windshield Replacement and Auto Glass Repair

Ahwatukee is a neighborhood of approximately 60,000 residents in Phoenix, Arizona, and Ahwatukee residents have access to first-rate windshield replacement and repair services with Safe Pro Auto Glass' mobile service.

Ahwatukee is a part of Phoenix rather than its own city, but residents feel more community ties with Ahwatukee than with Phoenix itself. It is sometimes referred to as "The World's Largest Cul-de-Sac" because of its relative isolation from Phoenix and the few ways to access the neighborhood. The neighborhood has much to offer residents and is considered one of the more affluent neighborhoods in Phoenix.

Ahwatukee, Arizona has a rich and mysterious history, with a few unsubstantiated stories as to its beginning. Legend says that an affluent couple, Dr. and Mrs. Ames, built a home in Ahwatukee in 1921, but both passed away within the next 12 years. The property was donated to St. Luke's Hospital, and sold to a woman shortly after.

The naming of the neighborhood is also a mystery. Some claim the woman who purchased the 2,000 acre property from St. Luke's named it after a Crow word meaning "House of Dreams" (Dr. and Mrs. Ames original name for their home), but this seems unlikely. While the origins of the name Ahwatukee may never be known, residents of the neighborhood enjoy the many activities and services provided in the area, and population continues to grow.

SafePro Auto Glass windshield repair and replacements are just one of the many amenities Ahwatukee residents enjoy. With the highest quality materials (the best urethane for chips and only OEM auto glass) and experienced, skillful glass installers, our mobile services provide convenient, high quality auto glass replacement and repair. We are insurance approved, so Ahwatukee residents pay no out of pocket costs for our services. Call us today at 602-492-9046 to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment.

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