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Tempe Windshield Replacement and Auto Glass Repair

Tempe, Arizona is a large suburb of Phoenix and home to Arizona State University. For the highest quality auto glass repair and windshield replacement in the area, Tempe residents call on SafePro Auto Glass for fast, professional service.

Tempe is primarily a college town, with a high number of Arizona State University students living within its borders, and the entertainment focus caters toward these residents. Mill Avenue is well-known as a gathering place for students, as the bar, night club, and shopping scene along the street draws many students out to socialize. The music scene in Tempe is also thriving, with a number of music venues and quite a few popular bands claiming Tempe as their hometown.

While the area has no professional sports teams, sports are still a big part of life for Tempe residents. Tempe was the host of the annual Tostitos Fiesta Bowl for many years, and the city relies heavily on ASU sporting events for entertainment.

The city also boasts many shopping opportunities, with Arizona Mills Mall, the first Arizona IKEA, and a number of other major shopping venues. There are also numerous movie theaters, a wide variety of dining, and much more.

Transportation in the city varies a great deal depending on the area of the city. Closer to ASU and Mill Avenue, walking, biking, and taking the bus are often alternative forms of transportation, whereas farther south in Tempe people rely more heavily on personal cars for transportation. Because it is a college culture, bus routes are more developed in Tempe than in other surrounding suburbs, but chipped and cracked auto glass is still an issue that many Tempe commuters experience.

SafePro Auto Glass provides high quality, quick windshield repair and replacement services to all Tempe residents. Our services are insurance approved, so even if you're a struggling student you can afford to get your windshield fixed. Call us today at (480) 398-2260 for auto glass replacement and repair using the highest quality materials and experienced, professional installers.

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